Maximizing Your Closet: A few tips that have nothing to do with clothes!

How many times do we wake up late in the morning, only to be at the mercy of the limited supply of clothing in our closets that don't require ironing? Well, can I tell you that this habit is completely limiting your wardrobe selection?!? Take it from a pro at waking up late, you are doing yourself a disservice. Iron and lay out your clothes the night before (and wake up on time, lol)! We often limit ourselves to what we can wear all because we wake up late and can't iron. There begins your downward spiral of forcing yourself to nab clothing that present themselves as "grab-and-go" regardless of how unfashionable they are! Now, how are you going to rule the world looking like you've been to hell and back all before 9am?

Another simple but true sentiment is this...If your hair looks like crap, more than likely you won't want to pair that with a dope outfit. It's the trickle down effect. Bad hair, bad outfit, bad day. I know I personally refuse to waste an amazing outfit when my hair looks unflattering. For some reason my spirit is vehemently opposed to it! Am I right, or am I right? DO THAT HEAD!! Make sure your "do" is tight and right!!

Shave those legs and pits! Again, professional "wake-up-late-er" talking here! How many times have you decided to forgo wearing that sleek dress all because of hairy legs. Nothing to be ashamed of honey. Trust me... we've all done it. But again, do you see how this just completely limited your wardrobe selection to pants only? Same thing goes for your feet. Do those toes!! Don't be subjected to hiding them in closed toe shoes because you haven't gotten them done. Whip out that nail kit, you know the one your boss got you for Christmas because for some odd reason they thought it would make an awesome "CHRISTMAS GIFT" and have a go!

This one is simple. WASH. You can't wear it if it's dirty.

Take items to the cleaners/seamstress to get fitted. I've had items sitting in my closet for months that I couldn't wear, simply because they needed some tailoring/fixing etc. Get it fixed, including the heels on your shoes, etc. A few minor repairs should never impede upon your fabulosity! #never

START HERE... Go through your closet and when you get to an item that you don't wear, ask yourself, why am I not wearing this item? Then do something about it!

All that's left to do now is STRUT! #getit #twosnaps

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